Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Drifters

(Warning Sally Army content)

We have a large community programme at our Corps. The premises is used by adult learning services as an outreach centre for the local community. We are always trying new ways to get involve. Tomorrow (Thursday) we are holding a end of term celebration for people who have passed their courses. (Heather is getting her certificate for Counselling).

As a corps we are providing musical entertainment. Mary (sister in law, not mum) has set up a small singing group, and we have been practising hard for our "Big Night". As well as Army favourites (Moment by Moment, O Happy Day, This Little Light) we are singing some music written by (Major) Burt Bacharach, "What the World Needs Now" (Once you start singing it you will be singing it for days). (Colonel) Henry Mancini "Moon River".

The group consists of Glyn (piano, with comedy bandage on finger of left hand), Alistair (drums), Mary, Jenny, Lynsey, Heather, Jeanette, Neil, Peter and Me. The problem we have is we can't get through "Moon River" without giggling like kids. It is something to do with the line "Two Drifters" and the fact that Peter held Neils hand when they first started to sing it.

We have resorted to singing this song with our heads stuck in the books. We know if we look at anybody else it will end in tears.

Anyway it will be a great night.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...all went ok, despite neil concentrating so hard not to laugh he made up the words!

Kevin said...

Yes, a really good night. I reckon there was 120 guests there. Does that seem about right (did anybody count). I made the mistake of showing some little boys my only party trick (palming a coin) and I was "Coco the Clown" all night.

Dan Elson said...

I meant to get down but was shattered after school - did you not crack? I'm so dissapointed in you Kev. You could have at least nudged Neil, or pinched his bum or something.

You're in danger of taking these things far too seriously!

Heather's place said...

I think there were about 200 there. Certainly most of the chairs were full and there were several members of the guitar group sitting on the mercy seat.