Friday, February 29, 2008


It takes 365 and just less than a quarter days for the earth to move back to the same position relatively to the sun. Because of the quarter day, every four years we have a leap day to make sure that the seasons stay in the same place in relation to the year.

This is because the rotation on its own axis is not relational to its rotation around the sun. So it actually turns on its own axis 365.2422 each year.

If the year can be divided by 100 then we do not have a leap day, but if it can be divided by 400 we do have one.

Apparently, we have leap seconds on December 31st. This means we get an extra beep on Radio 4 at midnight.

Hope that clears that up then.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I had the pleasure of being a facilitator at the Army's Design for Life weekend again this weekend. Based on my last experience, in Scotland, I booked the following Monday (today) on holiday to recover.

I left on Friday morning and arrived at Sunbury Court at 3:20. When I got of the train at Sunbury station I wasn't sure what direction to go in, so I phoned Ray for the address and walked to the local library to find a map. The walk takes you past London Irish Rugby ground and some fairly grand suburban houses. During the 25 minutes walk I did wander if DFL was indeed at Sunbury Court and had visions of a late night dash across London to Denmark Hill which is the other venue used near London. When I got there I couldn't find anybody. I was able to get into the building but not a soul was to be found. Eventually I saw a note on one of doors which said "Kevin's Room", I was relieved.

I made many new friends and renewed friends with someone I had not met for many years. I think everybody agreed it was a fantastic weekend and many people made decisions about their futures.

I left for home at 3:10 on Sunday and arrived home at 9:15.

I may blog some more about the weekend when I have considered everything that went on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A first time

I am on a e-learner course in Liverpool. As part of the course we have been "introduced" to web 2.0. So this is the first time I have been encouraged as part of my work to post in a blog. I haven't mentioned that this blog has been going now for almost two years.

Monday, February 18, 2008


For those of you who use Firefox and Internet Explorer as a browser, Will has introduced me to a marvelous add-in. Its called PicTel. It works with Facebook, Flickr, google images and a few other sites to give a 3d environment to view your pictures.

Give it a go it looks fabulous, and easy to use.