Thursday, June 30, 2011

New look

New design, what do you think? Think I prefer black. If I change the design I might write some more on my blog.


I've been teaching now for a few years and this time of year is really stressful. I been trying to think why it's been so hard and I have come to the following conclusions.

1. For some teachers all their years work is wrapped up in the performance of young people at this time of year. In my case, I have very little control over what they do or how they perform I just know that next years course will be coloured by how they do.
2. Everyone is in the same position. All teachers are trying their best to get learners past qualifications.
3. Some learners do not share our urgency.
4. We have so many mundane and (what seem) worthless paper work and tasks to do.
5. Deadlines are final and cannot be crossed
6. I have come across a few people who think they know what it is to work with 16 - 18 year old young people at level 1 (foundation level, G - D GCSE) and they obviously don't.
7. Oh and we are trying to buy a new house, that does help