Thursday, July 05, 2007

I know where you live!!!

I have installed a new feature to my web site that gives me all sorts of data about the types of visits to my website. Google Analytics.

It tells me how you arrive at my blog (mainly from Heathers). How long you stay here. How many people are new to the blog (well you all are at the moment, because it has just started to collect data)

And where you live!!!!

Well what continent you live on. So come on America, Africa, Asia, Australasia. Europe is beating you hands down.


Anonymous said...

If this is so accurate - Who am i?!

Kevin said...

Well Mr Anon, I have consulted my analytics and I have a hit from America and a hit from Australasia. So you are either Steve Russell or George W Bush. Which one are you?

Anonymous said...

How do you know i'm a mr?!

Kevin said...

Oh yes! sorry my analytics tells me the gender of all the visitors to this blog


Anonymous said...

well it must have bee George W because it wasn't me!!?