Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Local Radio

I had reason to come home early today. On the way home I tuned into local BBC Radio Merseyside and I caught a few minutes of the Billy Butler show. He was interviewing a French Beatles tribute band. Just two guys where in the studio as they where promoting their full band coming over in September.

Bearing in mind this is a Beatles tribute band, Billy asked them how many there are in the full band. There was a slight embarrassed pause and they replied that there was four of them (I believe they are "fab").

I'm as square as they come, and even I know there where four Beatles. I might even hazard a stab at the original Beatles names. I might apply for a job at local radio, surely I could do better.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Giving something back

I've been looking at other peoples blogs and thinking that my blog does not say an awful lot about me. So I have decided to take a picture of all the tanning studios that I pass on the way home from work. Please note that when I saw a tanning studio shop I just pointed the camera in the vague direction and pressed the button.
I do have some personal favourites.
The first shop has the g missing from the Tanning. Tannin is the material they used make hides go leathery.
Please note the surprised/disapproving look from the guy in front of Tropical Sun.
I have noticed since posting these pictures that most of the shops seem to be closed or closing. I would like to think that seeing that it is amongst the hotest days of the year and the sun is cracking the flags that they have all shut up for the day, but it's gone five and it's closing time.

My cricket whites

Murray asked if I could play cricket last night. I couldn't because it's practise night. But he borrowed my cricket pants/trousers. But he wouldn't wear my white inserts (i might add here that they are freshly laundered). So he played with his tartan boxers underneath. I missed the sight but Heather said there was no mistaking they were tartan underneath.

I don't know why this is funny, Perhaps it reminded me of Michael Vaughan yesterday, losing his trousers while fielding.


I seem to deal a lot in inappropriateness these days. Whether it is language or behaviour (both learners and Salvationists, you all know what I mean (wink, wink)).

I have referred learners to counsellors who have been given the task of writing down their inappropriate behaviour and language, on a piece of paper during the week for review later. One particular learner was asked to asked to write down not only what he said, but what he refrained from saying. (I think so that at a later date the refrained comments would be bigger than the expressed comments)

He was given a paper to write this one which he quickly replaced with a notebook. This he then proceeded to pass round anybody who was interested. So we all could get offended not only by what he said to us but what he didn't say to us. I think someone missed the point here.

On the way to church/Army on Sunday morning we pass a large field which from May to September hosts a large car boot sale. We can't actually see the stall/car boots because there is a hedge all the way around the field. A couple of years ago someone installed a large bouncy "castle" near edge of the field which was in the shape of a sinking ship (presumably the Titanic, a Bouncy Titanic). Is it too soon? Is it OK to have screaming kids sliding down the deck of a sinking ship.

I think the experience should be made more like the actual event by having freezing water at the bottom of the ride with attendants throwing deck chairs down after the children. Perhaps a string quartet at the top playing "Nearer My God To Thee".

Friday, June 01, 2007

I went Ape ..

I have started a counselling course as part of my job. One of the things the tutor has encouraged us to do is to record how we feel in different circumstances.

Gemma arranged a outdoor activity in Delamere Forest on Saturday called Go Ape. Here is a link to their web site. It is a high wire activity set amongst the forest trees. I have recorded some of my feelings below.

Indignation. At being asked to "Go Ape..." I'm not prone to profanity, or loss of selfcontrol but then it was pointed out that the title of the event is much more literal than I had imagined.

Self conscious. When we put on our harnesses, Wes pointed out to all the boys that it did a good job of "lifting and separating". Thanks Wes

Stupidity. When I attached the carrabenas to the wrong cable in the wrong order and was the only person to do this. Every time.

Indecisive. Should I do the easy or the hard elements.

Macho. I obviously should do the hard elements.

Regret. At choosing the hard elements. As the "Stirrups" nearly where incredibly difficult. I had visions of Cheshire Fire Service being called to save this "fat bloke" from up in the trees. The Stirrups on the Go Ape Web site are listed as the most technical, there not it just seems impossible.

Terrified. There are rope bridges and like those seen on Shrek and Raiders of the Lost Ark (I think, or is it The Temple of Doom?). But unlike those, there is not a molten volcano or alligators underneath them. This does not make them any less scary. Just better entertainment for those watching.

Even more stupidity. At not learning at previous experience of Indecisive, Macho, regret as yet again I chose the hard option for the big Tarzan swing. somebody asked me if I was doing the the Tarzan shout/yodel when doing this element. But I was too busy praying.

Relief. When I was helped back up to the trees when I couldn't climb a rope net.

Exhilaration. When I came down all the zip lines.

Great day out can't wait to go again.