Tuesday, July 31, 2007

List of things to do before I go to London...

I have a list of jobs to do before I go to London to meet my wife and children on Wednesday after work.
  1. Clean the kitchen floor
  2. Phone Alistair about paper round
  3. Do the dishwasher a few times (remember to use as few dishes myself to cut down on dishwashing (and be kind to the environment, obviously))
  4. Tidy the living room
  5. Tidy the bedroom
  6. Pack my bags to go to London
  7. Remember to take Heathers make up bag
  8. Go to work on the train
  9. Phone about a new car
  10. Socialise with my mum and dad (probably around tea time)
  11. Watch "Casino Royale" on DVD
  12. Watch "Hot Fuss" on DVD
  13. Sync up and charge my iPod
  14. Go and watch Everton verses Werder Bremen at Goodison

Now I have done some of these things on the list. I leave it up to you to guess which ones I have done.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ! you make me laugh!