Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Polls

We have a feature to create Polls now. I have tried a Poll, to see which is the best chocolate. Lets have a go.


Debbie said...

Naff choice of chocolate. You obviously don't know enough about the subject. Your vote is a little biased towards Mars! (or nasty nestle).

Where are the Cadbury options?

Heather's place said...

Or Divine?

Well said Deb.

(Where is your new post?)

Dan Elson said...

I voted for the Mars of your options, but I'm concerned at the omission of all the following preferred chocolate bars.

Double Decker
Lion bar
Toffee Crisp

Now this leads me to wonder why we have a lion bar, or mars bar, but we don't feel the need to specify that other chocolate items come in bar format.

Also I note that you posted this poll on 19th July, the anniversary of Marathons changing to Snickers. Was that intentional or just a wonderful co-incidence?

And why do bountys come in two small bars? (I wanted to type bounties, but I know it should be bountys. The English language becomes so ugly and contorted by the use of singular nouns as brand names - and don't get me started on a proper noun being named after an abstract noun, for an item which is now a generally accepted everyday normal average noun.)

Anyone else getting the impression I should get out more?