Sunday, November 06, 2005


This is the first week after a couple of weeks break. We continued with Prayer.

Been through the first bit. How is prayer seen by the wide world, media etc. How do we pray, when to pray why we should pray.

The we have looked at the boiler room, 24/7 stuff on the internet. Boiler room internet site is difficult for the youngsters to read. But we are going to visit one next week, so hopefully things will fall into place.

The subject of prayer seems easy at first - it's just talking with God, isn't it? But when you look at it further, there's so much more to it. The whys and hows influence what it means to us and why we do it...we see in films etc people praying when they're in deep trouble, or when we haven't revised for exams, but we know this is the only reason why and when we should pray.

But, over the next fews weeks (we may even need longer!) we will be working out how important prayer is to us and how and when we can do it.

See ya!