Monday, September 03, 2007

Why I dislike IKEA

Before I post about my holiday in France I feel I need to post about my mild dislike of IKEA. Whilst I recognise the effect that IKEA has had on the chintz in peoples homes in this country it is possible to idly dislike the store for the following reasons.

1. Inside the store is too hot

2. There are two types of trolleys. One type has a bar across the front which you push and it can go in any direction but sometimes bangs your feet. The other type has handles either side, can go in any direction, can badly damage ankles and can go in any direction.

3. You are expected to express an opinion on something that you have no knowledge of at all. I was asked to pick out some curtain poles. But they all seemed to be able to do the job quite adequately. (I can't comment on them aesthetically, I suppose one or two would not have been out of place in Frankensteins castle and I recognised another couple from the original series of Star Trek)

4. I don't like the fact that when you leave the store (with three trolleys full of stuff which you cannot do without, even though you only went in to buy light bulbs (that you can't by anywhere else)), you feel the need to buy a piece of plastic called "BOVT" which cost 49p, specially designed to catch candle wax from getting onto your dining room table or for storing aforementioned light bulbs.

5. I noticed that they had a chair on test which they had a mechanical bum sitting on it for up to now 150,000 times. It doesn't seem to be the original chair that was installed when the store was built. What happened to it? Did it break? I wanted to see that happen.

6. We spent some considerable time looking for hooks for kitchen towels, we found some hooks for bathroom towels and other kitchen equipment but not for kitchen towels.

7. A good thing now is you can take your purchased goods over the car park to the car without having to jockey for position near the entrance. The cement bollards would not allow you to take the trolleys away from the store. It must have taken IKEA ages to work out that trolley thieves (and there must be many) will not steal trolleys which are designed to maim (see point 2)


Heather's place said...

We are now the happy owners of 4 tea towel hooks - I went back today.

Don't worry, you can go back soon - Dad wants some chairs.

John said...

When I bought our kitchen from said establishment, it took a number of visits to pull the whole transaction together, the last one lasting frmo around 7.00ish in the evening to 12.45 in the morning! No porkies - I really mean it.

We do love the kitchen, though.

Howard said...

Regrettably, everything you said is true. You did fail to mention the very frustrating one-way system - God help you if you suddenly remember you needed a light bulb by the time you get to candles and knick nacks. Problems aside, why is it that we love it so?

John said...

It's pretty good value, the design tends to be good, and the cooked breakfast is the cheapest in town!

Cheeky Ste said...

You forgotten about when they have sold out of an acessory for furniture and it takes three futher visits to final finish you wardrobe off. But i do have to say i do like some of the stuff lorna