Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I seem to deal a lot in inappropriateness these days. Whether it is language or behaviour (both learners and Salvationists, you all know what I mean (wink, wink)).

I have referred learners to counsellors who have been given the task of writing down their inappropriate behaviour and language, on a piece of paper during the week for review later. One particular learner was asked to asked to write down not only what he said, but what he refrained from saying. (I think so that at a later date the refrained comments would be bigger than the expressed comments)

He was given a paper to write this one which he quickly replaced with a notebook. This he then proceeded to pass round anybody who was interested. So we all could get offended not only by what he said to us but what he didn't say to us. I think someone missed the point here.

On the way to church/Army on Sunday morning we pass a large field which from May to September hosts a large car boot sale. We can't actually see the stall/car boots because there is a hedge all the way around the field. A couple of years ago someone installed a large bouncy "castle" near edge of the field which was in the shape of a sinking ship (presumably the Titanic, a Bouncy Titanic). Is it too soon? Is it OK to have screaming kids sliding down the deck of a sinking ship.

I think the experience should be made more like the actual event by having freezing water at the bottom of the ride with attendants throwing deck chairs down after the children. Perhaps a string quartet at the top playing "Nearer My God To Thee".


Jason said...

Are you winking at "like a trooper" Heather, Kev?

Kevin said...

Like a trooper Heather is not known to the entire world. (Until now that is). So probably yes.