Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Giving something back

I've been looking at other peoples blogs and thinking that my blog does not say an awful lot about me. So I have decided to take a picture of all the tanning studios that I pass on the way home from work. Please note that when I saw a tanning studio shop I just pointed the camera in the vague direction and pressed the button.
I do have some personal favourites.
The first shop has the g missing from the Tanning. Tannin is the material they used make hides go leathery.
Please note the surprised/disapproving look from the guy in front of Tropical Sun.
I have noticed since posting these pictures that most of the shops seem to be closed or closing. I would like to think that seeing that it is amongst the hotest days of the year and the sun is cracking the flags that they have all shut up for the day, but it's gone five and it's closing time.


Heather's place said...

Hey Kev - you sure make the A59 look classy.

My paticular fav is the second one down. The is partialy-hidden name is "Natural Woman".

A good choice for a place where you can get false nails to go with your fake tan.

Jason said...

You're a comedy genius.

Will Pearson said...

I reckon Liverpool must have the highest Tanning studio : Natural woman ratio in the world.

Dan Elson said...

Like Belgium with the pencils and multi-storey car parks?

Good call Kev. Goes nicely with Pete's pics of dog grooming salons.