Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's my mums birthday today ..

... so I thought I could give you a list of the things I didn't buy but considered:
  • Playstation 3 (too expensive)
  • Inkjet printer refill (again too expensive, did you know that InkJet ink is the second most valuable liquid on the planet. In first place is snake venom. They didn't have any snake venom in Asda either, but it would have been too expensive anyway).
  • Big Night Out CD featuring Mika/Girls Aloud/Take That/Scissor Sisters/Just Jack (I don't think she likes Scissor Sisters)
  • King Size Duvet Set (I don't know the size of their bed)
  • NAVMAN F20 Satellite Navigation kit (Dad drives her everywhere)
  • New kettle (possibility)
  • BBQ set (they haven't got a garden now)
  • Plastic Dog (Dad doesn't like dogs)
  • Tennis racket (possibility)
  • Pair of jeans (Never seen mum in jeans, they might suit. She would need a proper make, not George)
Isn't Asda a marvellous shop, full of possibilities.


Dan Elson said...

show someone you care - buy them snake venom!

classy Kev, but you didn't tell us what you did get her. Was it the tennis racket?

Andrew Bale said...

Why didn't you just get her an ASDA voucher then she could have entertained herself for hours without ever actually spending it!

Will said...

Hmmmn. You say ASDA is a marvellous shop but haven't you proven it's just full of stuff you don't need? yet they still convince you it's great...

Lyns said...

i love marketing!

freddie cafone said...

what did you get her?

Jason said...

I'm with Will. Asda is evil. And you should have bought a PS2 with Guitar Hero on ebay. I can just see her jamming to Queen with your dad doing his best Freddie impression. Hope you're well mate.