Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eddie Bongo

On the way home from our church (SA), I pass a pub/sports bar. Now this is in quite a "rough" part of Liverpool, but the proprietors are obviously trying to raise the standards by putting two notices in the windows. The first notice is, "No under 25's and sports wear on Friday and Saturday night". This is an attempt to dissuade the track suit wearing teenages from trying to gain access to the bar.

The second notice is much more effective in my view. It advertises a regular guest artist for Friday and Saturdays. "Eddie Bongo, original member of Kid Creole and the Coconuts". Being aged 45 now I really can't remember Eddie but I am pretty sure that his music will not be the taste of the regular "Liverpool Scally".

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Will said...

Don't be dissing Kid Creole and the coconuts. If my memory serves me rightly they won best international artist at the Brits in 1983. Same year that the mighty Dexy's midnight Runners won best single with come on Eileen!

Though I see your point with him fitting in to the local culture.