Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The construction race

I have previously posted about the race between the workmen building a new retail park round the corner from our house and the men replacing our kitchen.

Time for an update.

Well the new retail park is going up in direct proportion to the profits at the local chippy. We usually get home and decide that we can't have chips again, shall we go to McDonalds again?

But recently the work going into the kitchen has showed some sign that it may well be finished some time. Heather went out to th'Army last night on the agreement that I would try and put the shelves together in the completed kitchen cabinets. Easy, one might think. But thoughfully, Heathers dad came round for advice on how to make his mobile phone louder, so that took an hour or two. And it would be impolite not to make him a drink.

Eventually I got round to the job, I found a missing cupboard door in the garage. Then I decided to address the corner cupboard shelving. A mistake. After scraping most of the skin off my arm and banging my nose on the shelve when pulling it out. I decided the job was for a professional so I left it for the workmen to round to it. I don't do hardware, only software.

As for the race well the work on the retail park seems to have stalled recently. Perhaps they thought they had the "game in the bag" and decided to go for a sleep ala "tortoise and the hare". My boys at home are on the final leg.

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