Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 8

I promised some pictures of the band at Goodison Park on Monday so here we are.


Geoff said...

Was interested by your blog because, although I grew up down south in Newbury, my mum came from Liverpool (Walton Hall Avenue)and her childhood was centred around Walton army. I remember seeing my grandad (Joseph Lawson)coming home on a tram with the Walton Army Band, when I was about 3 years old(1956). He played G Trombone until parkinsons desease prevented him. Believe his brother-in-law (Charlie Locket) had been bandmaster pre-war and his brother (Bill Lawson) was also in the band, I think. Just vague memories of visits when I was under ten, (late fifties/early sixties) and stories from my mum. Houses were full of banjos, banjo mandelines and one string fiddles (and of course tamberines). Think they had some kind of banjo band at Walton Army, probably pre-war. My aunt (Ethel locket) grew up in Walton Army and went on to a lifetime in India, as a missionary with WEK and my Great Grandma (Tramson, I think) and Great Aunt (Thompson) were both sally army officers. My mum (long gone)had a small picture of the band in the 1950's, which I may still have in my attic. It's really good seeing that the band, which was so much of their lives, is still alive and kicking. Set me wondering, if there is any memory of these people and famillys amongst the Walton corps?ges

Kevin said...


Thanks for your post. My mum and dad remember or have heard of all the people you have mentioned in your post. We have a few old photos of the band in the music room which I shall try and scan and post here.

The corps is no longer on Walton Road, but is now in purpose built premises just off Rice Lane.

Please feel free to post here or we have group on facebook.