Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas 1

This is my cornet. We bought it more than 20 years ago now, and Heather reminds me that it almost bankrupt us when we bought it. Its a bit battered and bruised these days but its out of its box from today for Christmas playing.
I thought I would start Christmas blogs knowing that we have a busy schedule which includes several highlights:
  • Telly on ITV Christmas Eve from Alder Hey Childrens hospital.
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • Before the Premiership match, Everton v Chelsea on the 22nd December
  • A couple of Christmas Carol concerts.
But it has started today with Sainsburys Knotty Ash


Erin said...

Surely it includes outside Miss Selfridge too!!?!!

Jay said...

Erin didn't say that. I did.

Geoff said...

Hello Kevin. Like you, 'not sure what the purpose of this' comment is. Was interested by your blog because, although I grew up down south in Newbury, my mum came from Liverpool (walton hall avenue)and her childhood was centred around Walton army. I remember seeing my grandad (Joseph Lawson)coming home on a tram with the Walton band,when I was about 3 years old. He played G Trombone until parkinsons desease prevented him. Believe his father had been bandmaster pre-war and his brother (Bill Lawson) was also in the band. Also, his brother-in-law (Charlie Locket)was probably also involved. Just vague memories of visits when I was say five, or under, and stories from my mum. Houses were full of banjos, banjo mandelines and one string fiddles (and of course tamberines). Think they had some kind of banjo band at the army, probably pre-war. My aunt (Ethel locket) grew up in Walton Army and went on to a lifetime in India, as a missionary with WEK and my Great Grandma and Great Aunt (don't know their surnames) were both sally army officers. Read your blog and just wondered, if there is any memory of these people and famillys amongst the Walton corps?