Friday, November 02, 2007

Youth sub groups

I have been looking into the groups young people put themselves into. I have a few categories below.

Emotionals. They like to be a bit sad. They are defined by their music and their clothes, I think. I know a Emo who has a really long fringe and likes to hide inside his black hoody top.

Like to wear a particular type of clothes and chains. Again defined by the music they listen to and the black clothes they wear. I think they may lobby their parents for body piercing.

Trendies or Scene People
Bright happy clothes usually expensive. Obviously mortal enemies of the Goths and Emos.

All scallys refuse to belong to this group. Every knows who they are apart from the people who are scallys. They usually wear sports equipment, track suits etc.

I will add to the list as more occur.


Jason said...

What about Chavs? Or is that just a southern thing? Tell me I'm not turning into a southener. Perlease.

StephJ said...

yes a chav is sort of a southern scally. except a bit more bling and not as scruffy. all think theyre better than everyone else!!!!! scally seems to be a very northern thing