Monday, November 19, 2007

The trouble with you lot is ....

(Warning Sally Army post)

I have spent a very long weekend at Sunbury Court (near London), attending a Transitional Church weekend. I think we sat though easily 10 hours of lectures my head is spinning with too much information. I need time to think it all through, but there are some highlights that have stuck so far.

  • Alan Burns wants to interview some of the early Christian Mission people to see if they where cheesed off with the new fangled Salvation Army.
  • "The trouble with you lot is you're not traditional enough!"
  • Early Salvationists didn't wear uniform to meetings on a Sunday. They wore them to work in the morning.
It was good to make some new friends, (York people, Isle of Man people, Scottish people, (Although I must apologise to the Scottish Cadet who wore his Scotland shirt on Saturday night (Scotland lost 2.1 to Italy thus being knocked out of the European cup... again) worse still Isreal beat Russia thus keeping England in the competition, so again sorry (Will pass this on said Scottish cadet)))

It was good to see some good friends that I haven't seen for a couple of months/years join us on Sunday.

The sad thing is ..... they are all Divisional Commanders (a bit like bishops in Sally speak)!!!!

But never the less it was good to see you all. (As they are DC's they won't read blogs or even know what they are.)


Heather's place said...

Not traditional enough?

Have a look at this

John said...

I hope you contacted the Scottish Cadet again, after England's abject performance in the week, and to congratulate him on Scotland's great campaign, and England's pitiful effort!! ;-)))