Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Popular Cultural Reference #2 - ITV Play

I heard today on the radio that ITV Play have been "told off" by Oftel, because there questions are too obscure. Apparently, the top answer to the question "What is found in a womans handbag?" is rawl plugs. Another on the list is a balaclava.

I wouldn't be surprised to see rawl plugs in Heathers handbag, but I would be surprised to see a balaclava. Although, if you have a look and see the type of thing she was wearing when she was small ....

... and balaclavas are very practical. They keep your head AND your ears warm (and are handy in a jewelry theft).


Will said...

I find they're good for sweetshops :)

Heather's place said...

Why would I have raw plugs in my handbag?