Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fashion absolution

Having been born in 1962. Had my teenage years mainly in the 70s, I feel qualified to offer the following service:

Do you want to confess your worst fashion sin. Of course this may have been in simpler times but you need to confess now, you know you want to.

Post them here and I will deal with your problems.

Beware there may be penance to be paid.


Dan Elson said...

I hate to dissappoint you Kev but as a paragon of fashion virtue it's a difficult question for me. I've worn clothes that I wouldn't wear now, but I think by and large at the time I was happy with them.

Maybe I've just not hit the age of realisation yet. What's it like being old?

Kevin said...

Everyone has fashion disasters, you just don't know it. Are you telling me that your mum never dressed you in anything embarrasing. I don't believe you, I am a parent and I know its my job to do this to Al and Matthew. If I was a proper parent I would take a picture to use as evidence later.

As to being old, I need a bit more time to think about this.

Kevin said...

Dan, being old is much the same as being young, except that, you realise sooner when you are being an idiot. When you are young it can take years.

Heather's place said...


Being old means you generaly know when you ar being an idiot - but you don't care.

Anyway, I have confessed over at my place.

Will said...

Some have made reference to a certain photo of me dressed as a school-girl. Although, I suppose some would say that this points to an underlying problem that is deeper than just fashion! Anyway, I'll try to get hold of it and post it. I'm sure my dad has evidence of other fashion confessions i need to make.

Dan Elson said...

I see your point Kev. Sitting in front of 8 people whilst they listened to me singing about growing a beard (especially one of those is your CO - who also happens to have a beard [not linda]) didn't make me feel ridiculous at all, but maybe (just maybe) one day I'll look back at that and think WHAT WAS I DOING?

Until that day I'll remember it for Matthew dancing in the car singing "Can I tell you about my special hair"

Anonymous said...

If I may just make two points here.

Firstly as I have had my beard for nearly twenty-five years is this classed as a fashion sin (or maybe I was just ahead of my time!)

Secondly, how do you know Linda doesn't have a beard!