Friday, September 22, 2006

Guidance for Annual Appeal 2

Last night whilst out collecting I have been challenged with the following questions:

What words do I use to ask strangers for money?
If I did not give this any thought the following words would come out of my mouth, "Umm, money, erhhh, put in box, No? OK Bye"

So, I have settled on the following "Would you like to help the Salvation Army in their Annual Appeal?", smile and wait for the answer. The thought here is that its a closed question which prompts the answer yes or no, so either way I am away quickly from the door or someone can start a conversation if they want.

The problem is that as the evening goes on, "Would you like to help the Salvation Army in their Annual Appeal?" becomes more and more indistinct, especially when it becomes cold (it was worse in February).

The other big question raised in door to door collection is how long do you wait outside a door after you have knocked and rung the bell. Especially when you know the occupants have seen you approach the house and are ignoring you. Well I have been giving this some thought.

The obvious approach is to sing on the doorstep (out loud or in your head). You could get through a couple of verses of:

  • Guide me O thou great Jehovah

  • Shine Jesus Shine

  • or When the music fades

Depending on your age etc.

Although this has its draw backs. I have found myself surprised by someone answering the door (why that should be, especially as it has been me who has rung the bell and knocked on the door, is strange) and am not ready with "Would you like to help the Salvation Army in their Annual Appeal" and it comes out as "Oh! would you like to help the Pilgrim through this barren land, No! Sorry, Doh!".

Play a game on your mobile phone (No, not a good idea)

So I recommend the follow approach, Don't go near music, too dangerous:

  1. Approach the door

  2. Knock and ring the bell as already discussed

  3. Notice how the door could do with a lick of paint

  4. Oh! I really don't like simulated wood effect double glazing

  5. Where is the spider in that cobweb

  6. Is Arteta best placed on the right or left of that diamond formation or is his best position in the centre of the pitch where he bosses the game, but they do get good results with that formaiton and Andy (sorry Andrew) Johnson does well on his own especially support by Cahill coming late into the box. We have spent a lot of money for Beattie and he does try really hard......

  7. Oh my goodness how long have I been here, where is Gill is she back at home eating my chocolate biscuits.

  8. Time to go to the next house.

I assure you the time goes so much quicker this way.


John said...

Love it, Kevin, mate!!

Maybe you should think about dealing with rebuffs.

I had a "not today thank you" yesterday, and I was sooooo tempted to say "shall I come back tomorrow?


Kevin said...

Thanks for that John, I have a few more nights of collecting to collate some thoughts on that. I feel another entry coming on. Annual Appeal 3 perhaps