Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Signs and Notices

"We really need to get a chartered accountant"

I have a thing about public signs and notices. We often have a laugh in the car on the way home. As we go round a corner near home, there is a sign on the wall which is lit with a light that changes from blue to green slowly. The sign is for a chartered accountancy company, which prompts the question, what do they want to achieve by doing this sort of marketing? Are they looking for passing trade or is it subliminal advertising.

In our local chippy, underneath the menu there was a sign which said "Sorry, No Dogs!". This is ambigous in several ways. Did they serve sweet and sour dog, and they are sorry they have to let customers down. Or do they not serve dogs as customers so dogs need to go to the slightly more seedy chippy across the road.

I have also noticed that Asda now say they are a member of the Wall Mart family of companies. Did mister and misses Wall Mart have a baby Asda?

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Dan Elson said...

I'm a fan of comedy signs (such as the picture on my phone of possibly the most redundant sign in teh world situated at leasowe golf club. It reads: Leasowe Golf Club. BEWARE - Golf balls).

I'm also a fan of the comedy graffiti. There's one in the Liverpool guild of students that says 'Gengis Khan forever'. In a subway in Chester I saw "Polish is cool!" (is that the nationality or the stuff you rub on your shoes?)

Also I remember as a kid seeing, under a bridge in Liverpool someone had written "Free Ken Brown" and underneath someone else had written "with every pack of keloggs".

Top banana!