Friday, August 25, 2006

It must be a boy thing

Last Saturday morning Will and I drove down to Deeside to meet with more mates for Daves pre marriage morning out (formally stag do, in the morning without the staying out late and drinking lot's of alcohol, then leaving Dave naked in a field in Scotland. We have not been invited to that one).

The morning involved karting, great time was had by all. I spent the first practise laps trying to expell my "Drive to Survive course" (run by Cheshire Police) out of my head. I did manage to pursuade myself that a cement wagon wasn't likely to crash into me around the next blind bend. This is not an excuse for not winning. In fact I played my bit to let Dave (the groom) win but sadly Will, Wes, Steve, Paul, Chris etc didn't (Well done Stuart for coming last).

When I got home I tried to explain what fun we had to Heather but I noticed the same "interested" face she has when I come home from playing or watching football and so I decided....

it must be a boy thing.

I'll try and post a picture when I get home


Will said...

Karting was ace!

Probably a good thing that neither of us got through to the semi's - not that we're competitive at all!

Shame its a bit pricey - must be a way round that - a sponsored go-kart maybe? no - nobody would pay. What about sponsored prayer-karting?

Gem said...

kev! Nice suit!