Sunday, October 02, 2005

First post

After encouraging all the youngsters to create a blog for their Youth Alpha course, perhaps I should create one as a leader. This is Kev and Lynseys blog.

We are already through about three sessions which we have split over about 10 sessions. The blogs seem to go down really well and we have started to comment on them.

We're using them to record what we've talked about each week and to invite anyone to make their own comments on our thoughts and discussions.

So far, we've look at who Jesus is, why he died, and how we can be sure of our faith (if we have one yet!).

It's been interesting to get different viewpoints from the group, as all of them have different ideas on what this faith thing is all about and how it affects tham (and us!)

We'd welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions on anything you think we could cover, suggest and discuss with the youngsters...our next seesion, over the next few weeks, is all about why and how we should read the bible.

Ideas welcome!

We'll let you know how it goes!

Kevin & Lynsey

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