Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Bible

Not long this week to get through the work to be done.

We are looking at the Bible. We have decided that the best way to communicate a lot of information is through a book rather than other means of communication (email, talking etc) We have played a whats in and out of the Bible (squelch won the chocolate delicous Pop Milk)

We have looked at the type of Book the Bible is.

Guide to Life
Songs and Poems
God talking to people
Jesus's Life

We have looked at a old map and tried to compare it to the Bible is it relevent does it tell us what to do. We have decided that the Bible is like a compass which always tells us the truth.

It's there as a general guide: we appreciate sometime it may not feel relevant or give us answers that directly realte to our lives in this day and age, but if we look hard enough we can see that the general principles it promotes and teaches us are as relevant today as ever. We just need to try and understand what it is telling us and act upon that.

That's all for this week, but we'll be discussing it again next week. One challenge for this week is to try and read a psalm every day and come back next week and share what they've taught goes!


freddie cafone said...

lo leaders!
freddie ere.

freddie cafone said...

oops sorry! wrong button! want to say so far, thanks for everything you do for us helping us find our faith and having fun learning more bout God.

Thanks again,