Friday, October 31, 2008

Most embarassing

I was watching telly the other night, channel hopping as normal (I own the remote control). When I came across a programme, "Teenage Embarrassing Bodies" (Only for the brave). I must say at this point I am a bit squeamish when it comes to real blood and guts on telly. I can watch pretend stuff all day, but real blood makes me quake behind my 13inch Apple laptop screen.
Heather on the other hand does not seem to be squeamish at all, in fact she made me stay on the programme. I didn't watch, just heard the sound, which seem to go a bit like this:

Male teenager: I have a bit of a problem down there (pointing)
Doctor: Lets have a look then. Drop your trousers and sit up here.
Male teenager: OK (jumps on table and drops his shorts)
Kevin (Shouting at director): Cut away, cut away, Ohh do I need to see this (then hides behind laptop) Tell me when its finished.
Doctor: (Sharp intake of breath), Ooh that looks sore
Male teenager: Is that normal
Heather: Don't look yet
Doctor: How many partners have you had?
Kevin: Do we really need to know this? Can I look yet?
Heather: (shouting) NO!
Male teenager: (smiling) I quite active in that department, but no permanent partner. Just lots of different ones.

The programme went on in similar vein for an hour, I think, then repeated on C4+1. I wandered where the embarrasment was in this show. It certainly wasn't on any of the teenagers featured on the show as I don't think they would have volunteered to share there rashes and growths with the nation.

I was the one embarrassed hidden behind my laptop. Can I look yet.

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Ooo - good job you didn't see it last night...