Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Annual appeal 3

Second day collecting and Ray and I are doing Long Lane. It is an interesting fact how Long Lane has got its name. It's not to do with it's width or even it's height but it's length, it is long. This has a special appeal to door to door collectors as not only is Long Lane long, but it is straight. So when we have finally finished collecting, we have to walk the long length of Long Lane back to the car.
Long lane starts with old houses populated mainly by professional people who get home late, who are not in when I call. And finishes with older retired people who won't open the door because it's too late.
At least the copper jar was given to me near the end of the evening so I didn't have too far to carry. And Gill drove down Long Lane to pick us up, happy days.


Johnny said...

Begs the question: Why don't you start at the other end? ;-)

Heather's place said...

But we always start at this end. :-)

Kevin said...

Or indeed, why don't we collect Short Lane or at least Not No Long Lane