Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Perhaps I shouldn't have started ...

I don't know if any of you have been in this situation.

Scene: Kitchen, teatime. Alistair (son), Heather (wife) and myself present.

My friend Jason rang Alistair today, and Alistair has been relaying the conversation to Heather and I. Jason studied near Liverpool and we playing in the SA Band together for a couple of years.

Heather: It's good to here from Jason.

Kevin: Yes, I remember when we used to play Christmas Carols in Church Street. We used to place ourselves opposite Miss Selfridge so we could (trailing off as he realizes where this is going)

Heather: Perhaps you shouldn't have started that sentence ...


Jay said...

...ogle beautiful girls?

Not us. We were keeing an eye on the collectors to make sure they didn't get mugged.

Didn't we Kev.

We did. Didn't we Kev?

Kevin said...

We did, health and safety is important. People could never call us shallow