Monday, February 25, 2008


I had the pleasure of being a facilitator at the Army's Design for Life weekend again this weekend. Based on my last experience, in Scotland, I booked the following Monday (today) on holiday to recover.

I left on Friday morning and arrived at Sunbury Court at 3:20. When I got of the train at Sunbury station I wasn't sure what direction to go in, so I phoned Ray for the address and walked to the local library to find a map. The walk takes you past London Irish Rugby ground and some fairly grand suburban houses. During the 25 minutes walk I did wander if DFL was indeed at Sunbury Court and had visions of a late night dash across London to Denmark Hill which is the other venue used near London. When I got there I couldn't find anybody. I was able to get into the building but not a soul was to be found. Eventually I saw a note on one of doors which said "Kevin's Room", I was relieved.

I made many new friends and renewed friends with someone I had not met for many years. I think everybody agreed it was a fantastic weekend and many people made decisions about their futures.

I left for home at 3:10 on Sunday and arrived home at 9:15.

I may blog some more about the weekend when I have considered everything that went on.

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