Monday, April 02, 2007

This weekend was "sick weekend"

And it wasn't even me who was sick.

Friday night I went straight to the gym and beat Murray at squash. Hurrah! Got home and stayed in with Matthew because he was still unwell from last week. Heather went to Southport to see her dad and mum.

Saturday morning stayed in Kitchen man comes to size up the job to replace our new. We started to take the tiles off the kitchen walls. What a horrible job, and it leaves a horrible mess. But we have at last a date for the new kitchen to be built. 2 weeks time. Hurrah!

Saturday afternoon Heather goes to see her mum and dad, I stay in with crying, sick Matthew. Get Heather back quickly because he wants his mum. Stay in Saturday night consider taking Matthew to drop in centre but it is closed.

Sunday morning I stay in and look after Matthew while Heather goes to Th'Army for Sunday meeting and worship workshop. She gets back at late in the afternoon and I am getting a bit "stir crazy" (I watched a black and white war movie on Film4!?), so I go and do her job and visit her mum and dad in Southport. It was a pleasant drive and it meant Jim could go for a walk on Lord Street.

Got home and made "comfort food" for supper, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and bread and butter pudding.

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Will said...

I like black and white war movies. Specially ones on ships or submarines I think. Better than "Auctioning your junk" or "find an expensive posh house in the country" any day!

Your food sounds great as well - providing it was 2 seperate courses.